October 14, 2008

Did we love at all?

It’s a great feeling when people fall in love... whether or not they know it’s love or just infatuation, one thing is for sure... the expressions they make and the thoughts they verbalize... sure they feel that nothing like this has happened before, and that this is the best thing that has ever occurred to them.. Also that this is what they want the most, ever more than anything, and this is the best time of their lives..Well, it's not just people, but even me ditto..

People in love.. come a break-off, and hear us out.. there is no one worse than the loved person, and there’s no one more hated than their erstwhile lovers, and this is when the question arises, “Did we love at all?”

Love, as I’ve learnt it from experiences, and scriptures, is something way beyond what we actually practise and profess it to be.. and by that yardstick (Love is?), we did not love at all. All that emotion that we have had and felt, and so passionately reciprocated do not matter at all..

The ensuing emotion of repulsion an hatred after a break-off, as understood is a impulse emotion, but, yes, if someone did love at all... just let your love endure.. That’s when you can really say: Yes, I did love! And it did endure!
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