October 27, 2008

Look what I'd found...

While on a jog last evening, I found this trampled piece of paper which I picked... I guess it was from some school news magazine, here are two couplets / poems in there...

Poem 1: No Title (the title got torn)
A light appeared like a dot
But it was there in deep rich sky
It was growing bigger slowly,
After a struggle of years,
After shedding blood and tears
There came a time
When hope was its prime
The little glow was no-where to be seen
Because the whole sky was white and clean!

Poem 2: Honesty
Learn to be honest,
Never tell a lie
For honesty is a virtue
That asks 'why'
So if for the truth you care,
Peace of mind would always be there...

The above poems seem to be have been contributed by some Gaganpreet Kohli, IX-C..
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