October 16, 2008

Talent wars, no more... for now only

Gone are the days when the recruitment teams would relentlessly make calls to lure candidates from the market with their offers, and when the HR team would try hard to retain employees... With the whole global financial crisis, the recruitment teams are taking a bit of rest from this, but HR seems to have a reversed problem now...

The HR team really isn't spending much time on talking to people who are resigning voluntarily unless required. It's just a easy go for whoever wants to. Apparently, given the talent wars, it looks like companies have hired buffer staff to face the onslaught of attrition. However, with the latest market trends it's the same buffer talent which is first on the firing line now. We've all heard the big news of Jet Airways sacking 1900 even as they say more is in pipeline. What we have not heard so loud in the media is about the many other companies which are on the same act in small proportions, and some even more.

Well, even the employees who used to throw their weight around demanding for all benefits, this and that with all their tantrums are also kinda getting silent, cos they've analyzed the market situation and know there's no jobs readily available for them to give a good bargain. In effect, the talent wars right now has taken a setback.

As they say, the economy will discipline the industry, and it's perhaps times of crisis like this which will get back the gung-ho markets and even the high-headed to some discipline, and back to basics... But, yes, the talent wars are no more... for now only!
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