October 30, 2008

Raj Thackeray and his bloody speech

We all have heard what chaos and violence caused due to the sedition and stirring up of strife on regionalism by Raj Thackeray's venemous speeches and comments.. I just came across this piece of news on The Times of India, and then I recollected a chain mail that went about which is given below the piece of news.. Just sharing something that had to come a lot long back..

SMSes lampoon Raj & MNS stand (From Times of India (Delhi) 29 Nov, 08)
Politicians and their tall promises of bringing the guilty to book have been flogged on the SMS network. But we bring you one SMS that stood out from the rest. It read: ‘Where is Raj Thackeray and his “brave’’ Sena? Tell him that 200 NSG commandos from Delhi (no Marathi manoos, all south and north Indians) have been sent to Mumbai to fight the terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully tonight at Shivaji Park. Please forward this so that it finally reaches the coward bully.’

We should support Raj Thackeray.. (Chain Mail)
Yes, we all should support Raj Thackeray and take his initiative ahead by doing more...

  1. We should teach our kids that if he is second in class, don't study harder.. just beat up the student coming first and throw him out of the school
  2. Parliament should have only Delhiites as it is located in Delhi
  3. Prime-minister, president and all other leaders should only be from Delhi
  4. No Hindi movie should be made in Bombay. Only Marathi.
  5. At every state border, buses, trains, flights should be stopped and staff changed to local men
  6. All Maharashtrians working abroad or in other states should be sent back as they are SNATCHING employment from Locals
  7. Lord Shiv, Ganesha and Parvati should not be worshiped in our state as they belong to north (Himalayas)
  8. Visits to Taj Mahal should be restricted to people from UP only
  9. Relief for farmers in Maharashtra should not come from center because that is the money collected as Tax from whole of India, so why should it be given to someone in Maharashtra?
  10. Let's support Kashmiri Militants because they are right in killing and injuring innocent people for the benefit of their state and community..
  11. Let's throw all MNCs out of Maharashtra, why should they earn from us? We will open our own Maharashtra Microsoft, MH Pepsi and MH Marutis of the world
  12. Let's stop using cellphones, emails, TV, foreign Movies and dramas. James Bond should speak Marathi
  13. We should be ready to die hungry or buy food at 10 times higher price but should not accept imports from other states
  14. We should not allow any industry to be setup in Maharashtra because all machinery comes from outside
  15. We should STOP using local trains... Trains are not manufactured by Marathi manoos and Railway Minister is a Bihari
  16. Ensure that all our children are born, grow, live and die without ever stepping out of Maharasthra, then they will become true Marathis
But all these are only for Marathi peoples.
RAJ THACKERAY is excluded from this…

His children are going English medium school but any other Marathi children must go to Marathi schools…..

Jai Maharashtra …………… Jai Shivaji………………
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