October 19, 2008

To sell in the secular world.. Cosmic Ordering!

'Twas sometime in 2006, I was approached by a classmate from my MBA times to write for his client who was publishing a paperback on 'Cosmic Ordering' for the American audience. At that time I was looking for some freelancing assignment for writing, and I was glad this had come up.. that too from a class mate. When I said 'Yes', I had no clue what Cosmic ordering was all about.. Thanks to Google, I had found, perhaps the only few links that exist on the subject.. (Today, Google the word 'Cosmic Ordering', and you'll find a whole lotta links, though).

I had taken an ambitious deadline (of 21 days for 25000 words content) for submission as the client was in a hurry... What surprised me as I explored was that Cosmic Ordering is no new concept. It was a very religiously applied practice across many world religions.. It was a simple concept of 'Prayer', being creatively crafted (rather fudged) to sell in the secular world. I had an understanding of the very concept in the Christian way.

Here's the Christian version of Cosmic Ordering:
The Bible says "All things work for good for they that love the Lord". Also, Jesus said "Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you."

Cosmic Ordering
, in my personal interpretation broadly says, "You make a wish and the whole cosmos (all things) will work towards making your wish come true." Well, get into details of Cosmic ordering, and you'll see it's just not about making a wish, but there's more to it..

Having realized that, I was divided in my mind, if or not I should be going ahead with writing for the paperback, cos I'd be writing in something I didn't believe in. I'd sold my soul to the devil for just a opportunity as I went ahead to write a draft for paperback with 7 chapters and some 25,000 words which got rejected due to some reasons of adaptation to the American market. God, I was glad it did get rejected.. Cos, I was divided within myself about it. And it meant manipulation, and diverting people from the truth to an illusion that doesn't exist.

Cosmos is created and controlled. There's no nature's law. It's just God's law that nature obeys. Why to order the cosmos when you have access to make a request with one who controls the cosmos? Forget Cosmic Ordering, get Praying! Pray to the true God, and you'll see the way.. I'm glad that I (my draft) was not sold in the secular world, just for the sake of it! This is just another new-age doctrine, and deviation from the truth.. deceiving others and deceiving themselves..
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