October 10, 2008

Love is all around us, yet the dearth..

Listen to the music, the evergreen old, vintage classics, the contemporary.. love oozes from the lyrics and the videos... The movies, especially Bollywood, which is full of 'love' masala.. The great tales we cherish, Romeo & Juliet for the whole world, Devdas in India, start counting and there will be umpteen with a handful for each culture.. Listen to the speeches of leaders, great men and women, they all talk of tolerance, peace and love among brothers.. Read the scriptures, and they teach love.. Love is all around us!

Despite so much of 'talks of love', why is there so much dearth of love... Why is there the loneliness in everybody's life that they have to cry when no one sees them? Why do people flock to internet chatrooms trying to find love and end up finding anything but love?
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