October 18, 2008

Do we grow to be more insensitive?

"I couldn't agree more with you!"a online friend without face exclaimed as soon I asked him that question. Not that many don't see what I see, and it's also not that all see what I see..

How many of us have made a very good friend or have a great relationship like the ones we've made during out school times or college times. Surely after we've crossed the age of 23 plus minus a year, we don't have that great a relationship to talk about.. Even when people fall in love, only a few end up marrying and the rest break-up.. again, a not-so-long-lasting relationship. Leaving a few exceptions aside, look at the reasons for the broken relationships, and you'll find the reasons would be more to do with some personal needs of ours or the others in the relation.

Growing old, we start thinking about objectives, we try to find a reason in every action / relation of ours sooner or later and end in some cases by breaking up as objectives are not met mutually or others continue for some ends to meet.. In the process may be some feelings grow and we become sensitive towards each other, but.. in principle, we all become more objective oriented and grow insensitive even as we grow older. Thoughts anyone?
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