February 20, 2009

3Cs of an Employee..

We'd had a townhall with Mr. Swaminathan today, our VP-Ops.. here's few take-aways from it..

3 Cs that an employee values most—
  • Compensation
  • Career
  • Comfort
Sharing his learning over the years.. he opined that employees will leave if either of them are not at peak. I'd say that's subject to the personality types. Hmm.. there's many types, isn't it? Guess this forms the core to where the actual EVP (employee value proposition) lies to hold the constant attraction of an individual towards the company among the many other offers..

Another important thing he'd shared was to get the quality of smart working in one's DNA illustrating with few examples from his experience. Guess that's gonna take a little longer time.. But certainly would come with perspiration if you aspire...
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