February 5, 2009

Surviving in the shade of hatred

My two cents on the war between Arabs and Israel, the allies and the perpetuating Jihad. I've tried putting this of for so long from coming on my blog, but, a recent email conversation with my friend had brought it up.. and perhaps, for some good..

Amidst well-read people, I really do not see adding another point ensuing in an endless argument..

Perhaps, I just need to clarify (in as brief as I can) my stand so that I am not misinterpreted, which is expressed as 'adroitness which isn't' as felt by one of my friend's friend, and also evident in my friend's conversations. This subject, I feel is no arena to show all that 'adroit' in language, unless someone's writing poetry o'er it.. these are emotions which take form of words, even so that these words are inadequate, and may even go inappropriate in articulation. So, please do look beyond words, as the spirit in the words is what matters, and words can be misconstrued, misused, or maybe to the say the least I abuse them.

I think we're all deeply hurt, and we have our own roles to play as a believer of own religion, and one doctrine among the many of it. The seamless violence and the way it is evolving with a historic background to it, to top it all the political forces, and the mix of religion and the various religious doctrines have made it so very complex that our answers (may) seem too small; even if we win over another as individual in answering, they seem to be of less, much lesser consequence. However, amidst all of those controversies, we've all made our conclusions, rather learned them in our own bounded-rationality.

We (Jews, Christians, Muslims, for that matter all the rest) all share the same ancestor - father Abraham, beyond him is Adam. Which means we are brothers by blood. When will we once again unite as 'Children of One True God'? The Jews call Him Jehovah, Elohim, Lord God, even as Christians follow, but Muslims call Him 'Allah'. Will God change just because we feel a particular name is overused or abused? No, He's one, the 'One true God' throughout ages and will remain even through the eternity!

But, why is it that an enmity rages through our lines? Why is it we grow even more blood-thirst, judging and condemning people? Even as each Holy Book has given its own answers (not all that I know), I struggle with God for answers, I pray for His wisdom and understanding that He will reveal these mysteries to me. I hold it against the divine 'Him'. But, I find peace in the fact that God is Almighty & Sovereign. His ways and plans, man cannot fathom. But, this I know - He is a just God. He will do justice to the believer, whose faith is in Him, as much as to the one who is a believer but unrighteous just as to the one who is Righteous but a non-believer. Well, that's my own rhetoric, and may not anticipate answers on that.

Given this basis of mine, I am too small to opine whether Israel is a greater threat, or the Arabs. The world has already made the issue big and worse by personalizing it to individuals, states and nations that we witness the state of it as it is. Perhaps that's its destiny, or may be that's ours too. However, I think a greater jihad than that on the land is the one that every man faces within himself. True religion and / or governance, as the Holy Bible says in the book of prophet Zechariah is this: "In administering justice, to be compassionate and merciful just as God is towards us, to not oppress the weak, and not scheming things against another man/ woman."

Will the Muslim community, or the Jewish ponder over the reactions of the their own states as a wider community. The reactions have reached such extremism, that a particular community is branded as terrorists. Even that community is not in a complex that any talk around terrorism makes them feel that they're being judged all-together as terrorists. Not that any community is terrorists. I believe terrorism has no religion, not even humanity is in them...

But, who can stop terrorism? Terrorists or Inductors of terror? I believe either of them can. Depends on who's willing to take the higher ground. Depends on what God do they believe in. Depends on what their God taught them. Do they believe in the same God? If yes, did God then give one lesson to one, reverse to another? No, God is not human to change now and then, to them and to us? Is it about God at all? Or a fight over a piece of land? What have the allies on both sides got to do with it who've made the war even larger? Is it just over land, again? Are there greater interests and spirits in play here? I'm sure certainly there are. What could they be? It all goes round and round in circles, and perhaps when one figures where it all starts, they'll start their own struggle against (their) God, just as I am probably in. In the end of this rhetoric, I can say one thing is for sure.. Satan's enjoying all this hate and fight above all. There's no love among God's people (unless you believe only one community is), only hatred. Cos we're behaving as God damned world and even divided God among ourselves. Shame on all of us.

I don't want to test my knowledge of history of who started it and who didn't. But, who's got the whole account of history anyways?

To end this: Jesus Christ said "Blessed are the peace-makers, for they shall be called the Children of God." To complete that King Solomon the wisest wrote - "These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren." (Verse quoted from King James Version)

Let's be called 'Children of One true God' for once, not creating discord among each other for the least.. If we're not an active part of the war, let's not get involved in our own communities in giving speeches against each others' communities, or even as we forward chain mails which incite and create more hate towards one another..

This conversation was interesting, gives me a prayer point to place before God, because we all lack in understanding, and need His Spirit in guiding us.. I also pray for forgiveness if I have blasphemed against God in all of my usage of words and his dear ones.

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