December 23, 2008

Hate begets hatred, so does terror!

"Bada hoke fauji banoonga... woh logon ko jalaavoonga... maroonga un logon ko", Bada hoke unko maardaloonga", (translated as "I'll be a soldier when I grow up... I will burn them.. I will surely kill them").. These are words of a 5-6 year old who has not even learnt numbers till 10 from Ramesh Sharma's ‘Final Solution’.

‘Hatred begets hatred’, we've all read that. It comes to life as we hear the witness of one or the other terrorist involved in some act of terror quote another act of terrorism against his community in the past which had motivated him to this end. 

While I am in absolute agreement to the fact that there can be no reasoning to committ an act of terror nor to justify one, a look at the various acts of internal terror that infest India show us how, specifically, the extremist and fundamentalist groups create such breeding grounds for terror within. With their hate speeches, acts of  violence like the demolition of Babri Masjid, the rioting that followed across various parts of India, in Godhra. In the midst of all the stones flying, knives, swords and trishuls flashing there’s many a life which didn’t deserve to be treated so, and this one act of terror ignites a spark of vengeance and leads to another act of terror just like the little kid swears in the Final Solution. While these were instances that have come into the notice of international media, there are many such other major and minor acts happening across of which we may not be aware..

These acts of terror are strong indicators to the government, politicians other powerful and influential people in the society to act justly and not be biased on grounds of communal and religious grounds. It’s high time we’ve moved up the ladder socially.

Wonder where has the sanctity of the Great Indian Constitution has gone—

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens: JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;


Even as we prepare ourselves to celebrate the constitution during the Republic Day, let’s take a vow to do this from now at least, in all its sanctity!
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