December 9, 2008

Terrorism teaches us to be just!

"Bada hoke fauji banoonga... woh logon ko jalaavoonga... maroonga un logon ko", Bada hoke unko maardaloonga", (I'll be a soldier when I grow up... I will burn them.. I will surely kill them).. These are words of a 5-6 year old who has not even learnt numbers till 10 from Ramesh Sharma's Final Solution.

You can feel you blood boil and adrenalin pumping listening to the treason, blasphemy, stories and viewing all that hate. Hatred begets hatred, we've all read that. You will see it all come to life as we hear the witness of one after the other oppressed..

I may not be a expert, or a learned man but, what I know is injustice by rulers certainly makes for breeding grounds for hate and the accumulated discontent and frustration among the oppressed vents out in various forms of terrorism - Attacks on prime places, places of worship, murdering, rioting, waging wars among many others...

I wonder if I'd not be wrong to assume, that every terrorist that is, or is in the making has a story of oppression personally, or relating to his family or community. As they say it's never too late; it is actually not late for authorities to start behaving fair and with justice. Perhaps it'll somehow blow chill and cool down the fires of anger and hate that have already consumed many thus far...
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