December 24, 2008

Secret Santa works the magic of Christmas!

A recent fun activity (as a part of our employee relations initiative) at our office has triggered off a lot of excitement, and surprisingly some positive connecting. It was the game of Secret Santa. Unfortunately (we thought) a few had picked up names of people who they either didn’t like, had bad relation with, interacted less.. or the least were not much comfortable with. But, they had no choice.. They had to give them goodies over a week, and exchange gifts on the last day. Well, the Christmas spirit was setting in.. and it was a big hit.. People were getting surprises.. and on the last Gift exchange day, when everyone came to know who their secret Santa was, it was all the more surprise, an ACTUAL SURPRISE. What next, see the way the greet each other from the next day onwards.. there’s a newness to it.. There’s a lot of positivity to it!

Cool! So many secret Santas did work the magic of Christmas!
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