December 22, 2008

Unite against Internal terror in the name of God!

There's terror stirring within our nation, within the same brotherhood.. where in the name of religion and 'so-called' injustice one community is turning against another and terrorizing the lives of thousands in Orissa. We've all heard the extremists (led by Sangh Parivar) rioting against tribal people (Christian converts) where many were killed and thousands were forced to flee for their lives from their homes and even villages and districts. There are so many finding shelter in refugee camps living in the shade of the sword, terrorized by a group of extremists who go about seeking their death and strike 'em off from the face of the land.

In a protest (yet again) against the murder of Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati (who was leading the Hindutva / VHP movement) .. extremist groups are planning to carry out a state-wide 'Bandh' (Strike) on December 25, 2008 (when Christians across celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ).

It was on December 24, the last year that these fanatics had entered into clashes with the local Christians during Christmas celebrations and raked up the violence, and even today the impact of that fire of hate can be seen in the hearts of so many homeless and suffering innocent. The violence got even worse this year through August and September which also spread into other states like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra Gujarat, Karnataka among others. It was a well schemed attack against the Church and innocent Chritstians, and yet this time, they dare to do so. The Orissa government as usual is sleeping over the issue and perhaps will not even awake after any mass destruction (GOD FORBID) that may occur!

Christmas is an event which has changed the course of time, redefined many political, social, legal frameworks for the better.. It celebrates the Divine Gift of God to Man. Love was embodied that day in the form of a child, which was Jesus Christ. And on that day, we seek to hate and kill.

Join in fighting the terror within our nation which is causing a brother rise against another, and creating a hate, violence and disaster struck nation... Pray for the Christians in Orissa and other parts of the country who're constantly facing the threat and live in fear of death from extremist groups who're contributing in no better way but planting seeds of violence and hatred in our wonderful nation..

Raise your voice against this manner of terrorism. There can be no justification for terror, no matter what! To read an account of attacks in Orrissa against Christians by Tehelka, click here: In the name of God
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