December 8, 2008

Competent enough to prevent AIDS?

It's was the first Sunday of December yesterday when the whole world observes AIDS day. Just like last year, it was Uncle Prince David who took the briefing on readying each one to prevent aids, and questioned the audience:
  • "Are you educated enough to prevent AIDS?"
  • "Are you competent enough to educate how to prevent AIDS?"
A notable fact he'd cited was that in 2006, the number of HIV positive people was about 5.2 (approx) million, but in 2007 the numbers have dropped to 2.4 (approx). Which was not for any obvious reason that the actual numbers have gone down, but due to some changes in WHO parameters for statistics. The pressing fact of the matter is the numbers are phenomenal by any measure.

Nevertheless, what matters most is how much is the rate of this pandemic spreading coming down by.. Let's all educate ourselves about preventing AIDS, and also become competent in educating others how to prevent AIDS.
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