May 15, 2009

Advani’s pride parade before his fall!

“I invite the PM for a TV debate as it happens in foreign countries…”
“No weaker PM has India seen before.. (referring to Manmohan Singh)
“Manmohan Singh has diminished the highest office of the high post of PM..”
“Singh is only a PM by accident. He’s a nominated PM, not elected”

Those were some of the statements highlighted by various media time and again before the elections verdict came out. Post that we saw the fall of Advani. The fact that makes his fall so very pitiful is the pompous parade in every media announcing that he was the strong leader. Post-elections, he had no face to show. There's no Advani in the news anymore, and at least I wish to see him no more!

The lesson for me here is the reinforcement of the teaching 'Pride goes before fall'. Evident that Advani now needs to learn a few qualities from what he terms as 'weak PM', though he may not be aspiring to a PM again. I thank God, that Advani was not elected. Given his background, his agendas, the people influencing him and the forces that drive him, it would've been a dark regime for India.
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