May 10, 2009

Mothers are our destiny..

Watching Forrest Gump makes me feel good. But, today, being Mothers Day, the movie had left a different impression. Not that one wouldn't have known it before, but when the same words you know are uttered by someone into your ears, it certainly has some reinforcement, more impact perhaps!

Dying in her bed, Forrest Gump's mother says: "I didn't know it, I was destined to be your Mama, I did the best I could... You have to do the best with what God gave you..."

Our mothers were destined to be so. The best thing My Mother gave me, she says, is "to teach me the love and fear of God." She always said - "For me, you're good, but I may not know how you'd be out of the house and when you're out of our sight. But, remember God's watching you, and to Him you'll have to answer."

Her ways of teaching and discipline is what has brought me most closer to Jesus, my Savior and Lord. Those words from her is what had made all the difference to all my life and activities in and outside home, at work, with friends, anywhere I go. Thank you Mom!

(In the pic: Mom & Dad with my new born nephew - Blesson)
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