May 13, 2009

Christian brothers, where is the love?

I just learnt of the news of our previous church member who's supposedly possessed by the spirit of a Pastor who passed away a year ago. Don't want to narrate the whole story and give names of people or the church, but, in short, this Pastor, given his limited means of income from the church, sought after short-cuts to make money. When the Patrons of the church and the Church committee members found out about it, they were so furious and outraged that they dialed out the police, got the pastor arrested, investigated all his belongings, house-arrested him and his family and harassed the pastor so much that he chose to give up his life voluntarily. He was survived by his wife and two children aged between 7-10 years. On his death, there was another news, that he was married to another woman and fathered her children as well, who are too young.

The person who's possessed by the Pastor's spirit is the son of the Patrons, who also had a role in harassing him leading to his suicide. I’m not judging anyone here. That God will.

What’s shameful of all about this incident is that the very people who profess ‘Love, Grace & Forgiveness’ have fallen short of it. The patrons and the committee members are all believers, ones who set example to others, and confess that Jesus forgave them their multitude of sins. Yet, they couldn’t show that love, mercy or forgiveness causing the death of a Pastor – a man ordained as servant of God.

Apostle Paul, in his epistles wrote in great length about love among believers, rebuking each other, forgiving each other and working toward gaining each other. We’ve even forgotten the greatest commandments of Jesus Christ: “Love one another as I have loved you.” God save us! May God have mercy on us for these our shortcomings which have such great bearing on others’ lives which may perhaps have a bearing on them for a generation or two.

We’re all human beings, none of us are perfect. I pray for mercy for the possessed brother that God will show mercy. I beseech all friends, acquaintance and all readers of this post, to be tolerant; show some love, have mercy and forgive anyone if they do some wrong against you, curse you, or sin against you and for their shortcomings. That’s not too much.. it's just human(e) behavior.
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