May 12, 2009

Whose side is HR on?

Often employees and sometimes senior management (if not in large organizations, in small organizations) pose this question to the HRD people - Whose side are you on? At least I've come across that question quite a few times from both the sides in an organization. Daily experiences make many a employee question that.
  • HRD is a Strategic partner for the management - which means it's a member in the chief board that makes strategic decisions.
  • HRD is a Communication Driver - taking things across the organization top-down and bottom-up to get people heard, management decisions communicated.
  • HRD is an Employee Champion - to champion the employees' needs and causes.
  • HRD is The Performance Enabler - to ensure the organizational productivity is maintained to meet the customer demands.
  • HRD is The Facilitator - which ensures and facilitates the daily issues of employees and management alike; a constant dialogue between employees and management; needful action thereon.
  • HRD is an Inventor - It invents and ensures the evolution of new and best practices that are mutually beneficial to the management and employees in the organization.

HRD is all those roles in one. To ask such a question is immaturity - It's but obvious.
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