January 24, 2009

A reason to smile in every situation!

This picture was taken in Jan 2007, in a train down in South-India. It was a passenger train which was crowded and I hated getting in that train. My mind was preoccupied with many thoughts and negative emotions as my granny had passed away few days before that, and this travel was getting to me. It was at such time when I was standing near the door of the train, that this little child was smiling at me.

She had no shoes on her feet, her mother made a living out of begging, wonder if she's got a father. She may not have friends as she is on the train most of the day, everyday.. yet, the smile. I didn't frown after I saw that smile. It was exactly on Jan 28 2007 that I met this kid. It's not easy to forget that innocent smile of a child. Yes, certainly, there's a reason to smile in every situation!
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