January 4, 2009

Crisis of Confidence!

It seldom happened that this guy spoke in fear.. He was a student-friend from IIPM who I'd met over a cup of coffee late evening today. Two years back he had got placed on campus he sounded so upbeat and very happy. He's had switched jobs about 5 months back for a better package and he was even more proud of his abilities, it was as if an air of arrogance surrounded him. But that was then, today his voice had an unknown fear.. fear of the unknown rather. His company's not doing any good business these days, his managers have less work, executives much lesser.

Bigger accounts have vanished in thin air, with his colleagues he was on the look out for smaller fish, lesser amount of business. Someone who would boast of acquiring accounts worth tens of lakhs is today talking of acquiring references of few thousands of rupees. Even zero rupees, but some potential customer reference... Recession is out there.. It's wild. It's got the minds of entrepreneurs warped, and fear of loss is everywhere.. My friend's confidence was at its worst crisis. It was not just the fear of losing the current job... It was beyond that.. The fear was of not even finding one if he lost it. His abilities, passion, confidence was of no use!
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