January 24, 2009

A state of peace

During the 2nd Saturday Delhi EU-EGF central meeting this month, I met Philip, who shared his learning on the extensively used (more these days) profound word 'Peace', from Prof. Nicholas Wolterstorff of Yale University. A gist of it is given below:

(Please note that the views are personal of the professor as mentioned above)

There are a few prerequisites to be at peace, which are:
  • Absence of Conflict
  • Justice needs to prevail
  • Absence of Poverty
To be at peace includes being at peace with few including:
  • Being at peace with our Fellowmen: One needs to be at peace with his fellowmen, with absolutely no conflict among each other, and having just and equitable relations
  • Being at peace with the Nature: Absence of conflict also applies to nature, that we co-exist, and not that we abuse the natural resources and deplete them. This only will cause devastation at large, which we today see as global warming, and related threats.
  • Being at peace with God: YES. Be at peace with God. Do not go against him.
  • Being at peace with Oneself: Sounds absurd, but people do need to be at peace with oneself. One needs to be forgiving oneself and be at peace with their self.
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