January 26, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - What's the fuss all about?

Yea.. finally I saw it - the 'Slumdog Millionaire'

As the movie unfolded, I really was questioning myself, if this police investigation style was as bad as Ghajini's where the police has forgotten their duty and got more interested in the personal life of the hero. Thank God, it wasn't.

The next disappointment was of the style of Anil Kapoor, playing the host of 'Who wants to be a millionaire'. In all his 'art of acting', he never came close to the actual host - Amitabh Bachchan, but, he made his character loathsome, by his demeaning modus, tone, expression the way he calls Jamal (Dev patel) a chaiwallah, which in our current evolved media, none would think of. Just when we thought Indians have started acknowledging equal rights of an individual irrespective of his occupation, caste, we had to see this in international media. Huh!

Well.. the vulgar 'MC' was used as if it was a common slang and.. well, I really do not know if the script is as sacrosanct as the novel describes, but I guess it is safe to assume this one distorts the book version just as many other movies have done. The portrayal of the characters seem to be exaggerated. However, the way the movie unwinds and describes the slum life, the creative construct of how Jamal knew the answers to the various questions, the art direction among others is plausible.

Well, towards the end, it was enjoyable, but it was as typical as any other good bollywood movie would be. I guess Rang de Basanti (RDB) was much better when measured this by its theme, characters, art and class of acting, music and quite a few other significant parameters if you will. While RDB is top of mind, I'm sure there'll be many other deserving movies others may think of. What's the fuss all about? My question here is - Why couldn't 'RDB' or even 'Taarein Zameen par' make it to the Oscars? What did this have that the others didn't? I guess it has to do with the name of Director, the scale and level of promotion and the orbit of the directors' influence if nothing less..

Nonetheless, if not by Indian directors, Indian cinema surely has come of age by virtue of Hollyood making the Indian cinema and showcasing it in their land!

Let's see.. if the play on an Indian slumdog also sweeps the Oscars and also win the 'Best Picture of the Year'... Congrats to A.R. Rahman.. and many more for awards already won.. And for the Big Day of Oscars, Best Wishes team!
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