January 9, 2009

Did Jugaad kill the brand Satyam?

A lot's been said and still being said about the Satyam's 'Untruth'.. but, here, I refer to my earlier post on how 'Jugaad' can kill India, and in my opinion it is Jugaad that has killed the brand 'Satyam' now.

Many have been opposing 'Chalta hai' attitude, which to some extent has found support in the Indian minds to come out of, but we're now stuck on 'Jugaad', which even the top executives of world-class organizations are finding hard to get out of, and the current Satyam crisis, I guess is a direct result of it and a basic human instinct called greed. Well, in the management lingo and theories we may talk about ethics, governance, democracy in decision-making etc., but at the very individual level, starting from the top, unless we get this 'jugaadbaazi' out of our heads and sanitize the way of our functioning and management styles, many such 'satyams' will keep popping up.

For now, maybe Ramalinga Raju is only the tip of the iceberg. Investigation into the case may unfold many other entities which are a party to it. However, given the ties government agencies and the corporate business organizations have, especially to cover up such high-level corruption, there's a great possibility of top government officials and politicians' involvement in the same. All such individuals, agencies with vested interest in the corruption of Satyam will certainly put in their full force to hide the truth..

In the process, let's just hope people involved in investigating and uncovering the truth behind the Satyam scandal will not be jugaadoo (jugaad-minded). I really wish good and best at this point in time for Satyam's employees who may not have any role in the corruption. Now that we've seen the assassination of the brand 'Satyam' by jugaad minds and the dent it has left on the brand image of Indian IT Services, we for sure know Jugaad can kill India. However, I hope I ain't expecting too much in someone not being jugadoo.. Let's STOP Jugaad.
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