January 28, 2009

Satan's whores

Sounds really distasteful, right?

Well, I did feel so at first, but when the word lingered on in my mind, I realized, that's what most of us do behave like - A whore, Satan's whore. Well, reference to 'Satan' may make it sound too Christian, but I guess, it's more to do with what is wrong or sinful... or even not doing what is right..

We keep making promises to ourselves, and some people make resolutions, a few even say prayers and promises to God saying we won't repeat the mistakes, but then, Satan comes to tempt us even as we pray 'lead us not to temptation', and we yield to that... Bingo, Satan's come, used you like a whore for a while even as your pay-off is received. A little while passes and there you are spurned, mocked at by yourself - Satan's whore!
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